April 4, 2017 - January 21, 2020

The canvas closed on January 21st 2020.
After nearly 3 years of operation, I'm very happy of what the community accomplished during all this time.
I started this timelapse when I was in high school, bored in my bedroom with nothing to do.
This project kept me motivated to provide a piece of content to a bunch of people regularely.
Even though sometimes it was hard to keep it running to please everyone, I'm still happy with the result.

When the canvas closed, I spent all night digging in my archives to find all the footage of the canvas from start to finish.
I made the final final timelapse, which has all the footage I have. I hope you like it!
Thank you for coming to the timelapse.
Maybe we will see again on the internet. Seeya! 😉


final timelapse (mp4 file, 3.4Gb)
final timelapse (youtube)
first image (2017-04-04 16h55)
last image (2020-01-21 19h00)

source code of the scripts of the timelapse is available on github

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